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When a foreign substance invades your body and your immune system responds, it’s an allergy. These are called allergens, and they include certain foods, pollen, pet dander, insect stings or drugs. Your immune system adjusts to your surroundings to keep you healthy, but when it deems an allergen as a threat, even a non-harmful one, it can react severely. Allergies are common and several treatments can help these annoying symptoms calm down.


  • Animals–dust, mite waste, pet dander, bed bugs
  • Foods–Wheat, nuts, shellfish, milk, eggs
  • Drugs–sulfa drugs, penicillin
  • Mold–airborne spores from mold
  • Plants–pollens from weeds, grass and trees; resin from poison ivy and poison oak
  • water or shampoo trapped in the ear

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